We have successfully run a Comedy Club business in Dublin for over 23 years. To date we have adapted and overcome commercial challenges such as the Dotcom Crash, Foot & Mouth disease, 9/11 and the 2008 Financial crisis. Covid-19 has impacted everyone and changed everything. We realise that if we are to continue to be successful we must adapt and change our ways for the benefit of our great staff, performers and customers. Let’s face it, without this loyal group of people we don’t have a Comedy Club.

In developing this new program to deal with the operation of a Comedy Club with Bar and Restaurant facilities we are closely monitoring the best practices worldwide, including evolving government policy, Department of Health guidelines, HSE announcements and the best advice we can get. Moving forward we will be flexible, ready to adapt and will continue to make the changes necessary to constantly improve our protocols and procedures. 

You can view and download our 15-Point Covid-19 program HERE>

 Updated 5 May 2020