Christmas Party in a Box - Holly's version

It does exactly what it says on the tin... It's a Christmas Party in a Box 

For 23 years, the Laughter Lounge has been one of the top Christmas Party venues in Dublin. 

You haven't seen your team in months but we've got something that will reunite you all, but from the safety of your home.

Our "Christmas Party Box" contains everything you would get at a Laughter Lounge night out and more! Loaded full to the brim with treats, snacks and booze which you can enjoy while watching our exclusive 4K Laughter Lounge show featuring over 12 comedians and celebrity guests. 

This isn't your standard stream, it's immersive and allows your team to interact and have the chance to win prizes and vouchers! Get creative this Christmas and give your staff something they'll remember forever... Or, even better, let us do it for you.

For a sneaky peek inside our box, contact:
01 878 3003

Our Christmas Party Box are NEARLY SOLD OUT!