Drink Voucher Options


Are you the one in charge of the Boss' credit card and don't want to overspend? Our Drink Vouchers are the perfect option for you. We'll also have two full cash bars on the night. Yep, it's party time!


Prepaid Drink Vouchers:

Premium Prepaid Vouchers - €9 tokens (The Whole-Shabang!)

We all have that little voice in our head saying "Treat yo'self" but in this case, we think you should. Your staff deserve it! These are the Louis Vuitton of Drink Vouchers. 

Each voucher entitles the bearer to all draught, all bottle beer, glasses of house wine (incl. prosecco) and a spirit (incl. premium) with a mixer (Incl. Fevertree) and house cocktails. 

Prepaid Voucher - €8 tokens (Most Popular Option!)

We get it, you don't want to over stretch your budget but you want to look after Mary and the girls in accounts, so go for the middle option. This option includes Prosecco... Trust us, they'll be happy out.

Each voucher entitles the bearer to all draught, all bottle beer, glasses of house wine (incl. prosecco) and a spirit with a dash. Hold on, we're just DASHING to the bar....

Prepaid Voucher - €6 tokens

If you've got a tight budget but still want to treat your hard-working staff, then opt for our €6 vouchers. They'll have a range of drinks to choose from!

Each voucher entitles the bearer to all draught beer, long neck bottles (incl. alcopops), house wine and house shots – excludes all spirits, pint bottles and premium beers. 


Bar Tab Options:

Standard Bar Tab Voucher Option

If you're in charge of the boss' credit card and don't want to over spend, check out our Bar Tab option. This is IDEAL for companies who want to treat their staff to their drinks of choice whilst also maintaining total control of your spend. These vouchers hold no value, are printed with your group name and are used to control the number of drinks that each person receives (One Voucher = One drink).

These vouchers are used to generate your bar tab, which must be settled by cash or card at the end of the night (cheques not accepted). You will only be charged for drinks ordered on your tab.

House Rules on Bar Tab Voucher: Voucher can only be used to purchase pints, bottled beer/alcopops, wine, shots, single measures of spirit with a mixer, shots and all soft drinks. If there's certain drink options you want to change, let us know and we can customise it for you! We're sound like that. 


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