Venue Hire

The Laughter Lounge is known around the world for comedy, but our venue is also capable of hosting both small and large scale events.

In the past, we've hosted Live TV and radio shows, podcasts, movie screenings, “Take Me Out” fundraisers, product launches, conferences, Dodgeball, Ping Pong Fight Nights and even wrestling events!

Once the venue is hired, it is yours to do with as you please (within reason)!  You can place marketing materials around the venue, pop-ups, hold raffles, whatever you like. With the relatively large size of the room, plus space for 320 seated guests, as well as the ability to increase the size of our stage, there is no shortage of space for you to make use of.

Our venue hire fees include the following:
Event Manager / Bar Staff / Floor Staff / Security / Sound Engineer / DJ

Availability: Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
    We also have a VIP room, complete with a pool table, big screen, custom sound system and comfy chairs to keep you and your guests happy before and after the event. Don’t forget to use our free photobooth, where you can take photos of the event ready to be uploaded to Facebook and other social media.

    In terms of technical specifications, we’ve got you covered with:

    • 8 x Ev XLE 181 Front of House Speakers
    • 2 x Ev Sx 3000 Side-Fill Speakers
    • 3 x Ev CP4000s Power Amplifiers
    • 1 x Dynacord 24-Channel Analog Mixer
    • 2 x Ev Dx38 Processor
    • 3 x Sm58’s
    • 1 x DI Box
    • 1 x Pioneer DJM 600 4 Channel Mixer
    • 2 x Pioneer CDJ’s
    • Other DJ Can be set up in place as well
    • 1 x MagicQ PC Wing Lighting Control Console
    • 4 x Martin Mac 250 + Moving Heads  
    • 4 x Strand Cantala PC Fresnel Washs
    • 1 x Strand Ellipsodial Spot Lights
    • 1 Projector
    • 4 x Strand Nocturne Coda’s




    To enquire about hiring our venue
    Grant on (01) 878 3003 or